Pressure Reducing System

We offer complete Hydrogen Unloading / Pressure Reducing Stations to suit your specific process requirement, right from pigtail and manifold to connect cylinders / truck trolley, auto Manifold change over pressure reducing station, safety shut off, safety interlocks, flow measurement etc., generally, supplied as complete skid mounted ready to use unit.

Hydrogen Unloading Stations have been supplied for flows as high as 4000 NM/Hr. Simple design with highly reliable & easy maintain components.

Hydrogen Unloading Station is the most safe method of Hydrogen Consumption as it has built - in safety shut off arrangement with 100% redundant safety measures. Additional safety interlocks can be incorporated as per process requirements. Provision of Nitrogen purging for safe operation.

Due to very low pressure drop technology adopted in design of the Hydrogen Unloading Station, Hydrogen in cylinders is fully utilized. Thus system pays back by ensuring fast and maximum possible emptying of Hydrogen Cylinders, reducing batch time and reducing No. of cylinders change over compared to other means of Hydrogen Unloading.

No electrical or pneumatic supply is required to ensure normal working and safety shut-off operation.

High accuracy in control of final outlet pressure supplied to process is guaranteed with two stage pressure reduction, despite varying inlet pressure as cylinder get emptied from full pressure of 2000 PSIg down to pressures comparable to required outlet pressure.

0ur field experienced engineers can provide you dependable, cost effective right answers to difficult Hydrogen Unloading questions. Plus they provide after the sale commissioning support & service.

Different configurations are available, depending on available Hydrogen supply pressure, flow and controlled pressure requirements safety interlocks and degrees of instrumentation / remote - operation required.


We are Designing Gas Clinder Manifolds which are used for High Pressures applications.

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